Saturday, September 13, 2008

Mukkaering or to Mukka

Back from chasing fishies down in the beautiful land of the lotus. Notice the lovely fall colours! This fat cutthroat took a Gulper special . She lives to fight another day!
Mukkaering is an ancient, acquired skill requiring not only a steady hand but an acute awareness of atmospheric conditions, altitude adjustment scales and heat sensitivity awareness. One must also know the rites of the PGE (not a subset of the PRB). The PGE, Properly Ground Expresso, is an essential element in the rites of Mukkadom. In other words if you don't grind the coffee espresso, you may bugger up the machine.
Anyway, some helpful hints from the PMB (Post Mukka Brotherhoood);For Margaret
Please put water in the bottom chamber or you may blow a gasket!
PGE is placed in the middle chamber
2% milk creates lovely rich foam when placed in the upper chamber
Preheat element on the stove (works better this way)
Place Mukka on stove top, push button on top down for a cappuccino
Now wait for the soothing mukkaering sounds (Pop, that's the button popping, gurggle, gurggle, shissst, shisssssssst and then the tranquility of silenco)
Remove from heat source (or you burn the milk darlings)
Pour coffee into Mukka cups (essential) and then pour or spoon the foam.
Rinse the Mukka and leave a little water in (easy clean up later)
Take a sip and enter the divine state of Mukkadom.
You have now joined the PMB not to be confused with the pMB (pre Mukka Brotherhood)
Kick back with your favorite movie, book... oh what the hell break out the scrabble board.


willow said...

Okay, now I am giggling! I loved this charming post! Now that I've got the GDE, PMB and pMB all sorted out, I think I must get myself a Mukka. The sound effects did the trick.

We play scrabble every single weekend that WT is in town. I am addicted.

Lovely, lovely fish.

willow said...

Oh, I forgot to ask...are you enjoying the black box widget? Tons of fun, huh? I've connected with several new bloggers as a result! :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Wow. This sounds like a potion making lesson for a Hobbit!

A World Away said...

Willow,glad I made you giggle. Yes the fish are fat in BC and yes the black box is fun.Thanks.
Pamela, No I do not live in a hole in the ground!

Margaret said...

Haha, I loved this post! I definitely have to get myself a Mukka! I will begin scouring the Italian import store to see if I can find one. Did you get yours in Calgary, or in some exotic locale?