Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Wordless Book

Been chasing rainbows again! That's my fishing buddy and we are working our way up the Oldman River in Southern Alberta, a slice of paradise and a wonderful wilderness area. That's a healthy rainbow getting ready to go back home.

Flyfishing in the wilderness is an invigorating experience and one just leaves time behind and can experience the Zen of Flyfishing.
Chasing Rainbows
Are we not all in search of rainbows
Is it the pot of gold we are searching out,
or the brilliant colours themselves?
We search in vain, hill and dale
stumbling, sliding, aspiring.
What is the sound of a rainbow?
Could it be that the rainbow connection
is with us..... always. SM

Wilderness; The absence of so much, yet so full. Being in the wilderness got me thinking about wordless novels, the precursors of the graphic novel. An absence of words but a richness in image and a certain silence. There have been a number of artists who have experimented with this medium. Some I know of include Lynd Ward, Frans Masereel, Lawrence Hyde & Otto Nuckel.
Tommorow the graphic novels of Lynd Ward.