Sunday, August 31, 2008


Medici Shield, Sienna- Polaroid Photo Transfer by Stephen Murphy

Sunday on our house includes the call from relatives at 9 am. It's a regular event. Terri, my better half is on the phone for an hour or so with her sister in Denver. I usually start breakfast to be ready when the phone call is done. One of my favourite things to make is a fritatta. I fry up left over veges and alike , add the eggs, herbs and let them part cook on the stove top and then pop it in the oven to finish it off. Yum.

I don't do an inordinate amount of cooking but I try. I love recipe books with good illustrations or photos in them. Frances Mayes lavishly illustrated books are a favourite and they have some pretty good recipes interspersed throughout. I do like looking the pictures of the finished recipe. 'In Tuscany' is one of the best for recipes.


willow said...

I've seen Frances Mayes' book, In Tuscany, but don't own it. I love her writing and would love to try some of her recipes. Your fritatta sounds dee-lish!

Margaret said...

Ah, fritattas make such nice quick meals! In our house, my husband is in charge of breakfasts on the weekends--he always surprises me with such tasty stuff!